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Discover how Zegeba can optimize your operations with digital reporting and immediate access to actionable data with increased quality of documentation and control of progress

Data Capture

Advanced Digital Forms

Our no-code design tool allows you to quickly create and edit form templates with drag and drop, and live preview. Our version handling technology ensures that all users always have the correct form version. Validation, rules, and logic ensures accuracy and quality of your data with a guided documentation process.

Effortlessly configure digital forms to meet your business requirements

Improve quality of service with images, signatures and other data types

Gain control of your documentation by capturing data digitally

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Work Process

Efficient Task Distribution

Zegeba Tasks is configurable so you can create your own work packages that contain data and forms and can be named based on your processes, e.g Order, Project, Task or Activity. Each work package can include your choice of details like: Customer, Order Number, Location etc. and pre-filled forms. This ensures data integrity and simplifies documentation for employees. Zegeba is widely used for coordinating distributed teams and partner networks, with efficient task assignment and smooth collaboration. It also facilitates efficient work processes with status handling and actions.

Boost work effiency by combining task with forms

Easy access to job information and attached documents - even offline

Guided task process with status and workflows - less delays

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Admin Dashboard

Effortlessly manage your data with our intuitive online dashboard and no-code configuration of form and task templates.  Utilize robust user management features to control access and permissions to both templates and data captures. The Data view will list all data captures and based on filtering you can create views e.g "Completed reports" or "Approved  Reports".

Stay in control with real-time status overview of tasks and captured data

Get notifications for work that requires your attention and follow-up

Speed up management of people and work with our powerful dashboard

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Remote or Office

App For Fieldworker

Reliable iOS, Android, and web browser app allows for data capture and synchronization even offline without an internet connection. Enhance efficiency by accessing resources, quality procedures, technical drawings and job instructions. The App sync service offers offline features, enabling employees to work without interruption even when they are not connected to the network. Employees have access to their assigned  work packages  including all relevant information and documents.

Quick access to your work packages in the App

Document your work while doing the job

Be efficient and save time  

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Work Performed

Automated PDF Reports

Hassle free automatic generation of PDF reports from any work performed. Easily share with stakeholders and customers either manually or as a part of a defined workflow with PDFs attached in email notifications. Accelerate processes and reduce time spent on documentation and follow-up by eliminating the need for time consuming report creation of work performed and sharing of the result. Automated PDF reports frees up both time, resources and removes frustrating manual work.

Ready-made PDF report with images, signatures and attachments

Zero configuration required to create PDF

PDFs for archiving and sharing of work performed

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Data Use


Our platform offers seamless integration through standard APIs or advanced push/pull plugins, allowing you to leverage your data for valuable insights. Export data in Excel, CSV or JSON formats. With SQL database access you can easily connect to analysis tools and provide the business critical data for various stakeholders in the organization. Be proactive and informed about events to follow up deviations and adverse events and be able to track the level of compliance in your operations. Streamline data-driven processes by accessing data directly from Zegeba.

Get insights to make informed decisions

Use real-time data for operational KPIs

Connect data to business inteligence

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Zegeba can be used as a standalone system or integrated with core business systems such as ERP, CRM, HR, Accounting and Project Management. Avoid spending time entering information into multiple applications and let the integration do the work for you. Integrate to reduce human error and delays or bottlenecks caused by people involved in the various stages of the work processes. The Zegeba REST API enables a digital workflow across your operations and this will lead to time saving, increased earning and a substantial competitive advantage.

Streamline the processes from A-Z

Optimize workflows and automate manual steps

Integrate your exisiting business systems to Zegeba

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Streamline Your Operations with Zegeba

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