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Efficiency and mobility

Streamlining Workflows for Increased Productivity

Enterprise Forms and Tasks

Design advanced forms, checklists, and templates to capture information and data. Create tasks and work packages with forms and checklists and assign to users worldwide with offline capabilities and ease of use.

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Data Collection

Zegeba App on iOS and Android devices and Zegeba Web App in browsers, connected to Zegeba Cloud Service offers scalable, secure data storage, smart sync for uninterrupted work, and quick publishing with templates and data versioning, on any device - anywhere.

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Integration and Automation

Zegeba can seamlessly connect into existing operations and customer existing core enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, etc. Optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity by streamlining from A-Z.

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KPI and Data Analysis

Exploit Zegeba's robust data capture to gain valuable insights by using business inteligence tools like MS PowerBI, Tableu, Snowflake, etc.

Data capture

Easy transition to digital data and workflows

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing paper, PDF, word, and excel files.
Create forms and tasks with our no-code designer tool and effortlessly transform your data into valuable realtime operational insights.

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Our stories and use cases

Discover how Zegeba drives success and competitive advantages for our customers.

Brunvoll - Quality control with Zegeba

Brunvoll is a maritime enterprise that supplies propulsion and maneuvering systems for various types of vessels, as well as complementary products and services throughout a ship’s lifetime.

Hofseth BioCare - Zegeba in clinical research

Hofseth BioCare ASA(HBS) is a Norwegian biomarine company founded on the core values; sustainability and optimal utilization of natural resources. The core business of Hofseth BioCare is the extraction of ingredients from marine residual raw material, which is used for the production of high quality products suitable for human consumption.

Zegeba streamlines the operations for Archer

Archer is a global oil service company that offers services within drilling, oil well integrity and intervention, plugging and phasing out, as well as engineering for upstream oil and gas customers.

Kongsberg – inspection and maintenance checklists

The technicians and customers of Kongsberg Maritime uses Zegeba for inspection and maintenance checklists of deck machinery and sub-sea systems.

Laader Berg – efficient digital project management and commissioning all over the world

Laader Berg is the inventor of Maxfoam™, the world’s leading and most used technology for production of foam for mattresses, sofas and automotive. With over 50 years of expertise in the foaming industry Laader Berg continue to grow and have delivered more than 500 machines in 90 countries.

Inmarsat - Service Technicians using Zegeba

Inmarsat is the world’s leading company in global mobile satellite communications with 60 locations across every continent and uses Zegeba for digital reporting and assignments from the administration to the technicians and partners.

Shipyards benefit from digital checklists and streamlining operations

With Zegeba you can have all tasks and related checklists and drawings literally in your hand. Planners can setup the planned work e.g. FAT, HAT and SAT for a new Vessel.

Streamline Your Operations with Zegeba

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Find answers to common questions about how Zegeba can benefit your operations.

How does Zegeba work?

Zegeba is a streamlined and intuitive platform that facilitates data capture, processing, distribution, and analysis. It allows companies to transition from paper to a digital and mobile format, even for employees who are not digitally savvy. The platform is scalable, enabling companies to start small and expand as needed.

What are the benefits?

Zegeba offers extreme quality and efficiency gains, better processes and data, increased competitiveness, and higher earnings. It reduces time spent on administrative tasks and coordination, leading to improved efficiency in operations.

Who are Zegeba's customers?

Zegeba is trusted by enterprise customers like Kongsberg, Archer, and Inmarsat. These companies rely on Zegeba for their day-to-day operations and report significant improvements in quality and efficiency.

Is Zegeba customizable?

Yes, Zegeba is a unique SaaS platform that customers can configure for their specific needs without any coding. It offers flexibility and adaptability to meet the requirements of different industries and businesses.

How can I get started?

To get started with Zegeba, simply contact our team and we will guide you through the process. We offer personalized assistance to ensure a smooth transition and successful implementation.

Still have questions?

Contact us for further assistance.

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